Design and Typesetting

Over the years I have designed and typeset a wide variety of books including:


  • dictionaries

  • educational and academic textbooks

  • scientific and mathematical books

  • language learning

  • coffee table art

  • gardening books

  • poetry

  • fact and quiz books

  • fiction


I specialize in typesetting multilingual books and dictionaries. Here is a list of some of the languages I have worked with so far: French, Spanish, German, Scots Gaelic, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Romanian, Russian, Japanese and Kurdish.


Many of these titles have combined two or more languages, including left-to-right languages combined with right-to-left, for example, an English-Kurdish dictionary for Oxford University Press.


I am used to receiving data in many different formats, including XML, ICML and Microsoft Word/Excel. Pictures can come to me in almost any format so long as the original pictures are large enough to pass the preflight checks for the printer. I am happy to take the finished book to ebook formats.


Adobe Creative Suite – Currently I am using version Adobe CC 2019 on Mac. However, I keep old versions of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Arbortext 3B2 – I used to work with Arbortext 3B2 a lot for dictionary work, and I still have the software. However most publishers now prefer the InDesign route with the improved XML and ICML options, and allowing them to make corrections in-house for reprints if preferred.