Picture Research

  • I am a member of the Picture Research Association (www.picture-research.org.uk). 

  • I am happy to work from a prepared list supplied to me or from a manuscript or synopsis. 

  • I have experience of working with a large number of commercial picture agencies both in the UK and abroad. 

  • I am happy to contact or visit museums and galleries to select appropriate images and have experience of obtaining images from individual photographers, illustrators and websites. 

  • I am also experienced in clearing copyright, obtaining the appropriate licences for publication and negotiating reproduction fees. 

  • I can provide budgeting information, or if a fixed budget is supplied to me, I will ensure that the project image cost comes within that budget.

  • Picture research administration (keeping records of images bought, dates, file names, etc).

  • I take on the responsibility of keeping electronic copies and returning images to sources.

  • I am very experienced with Photoshop and can manipulate/restore images where appropriate.

  • I supply captions and credit information.

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My Picture Research work
Above are a few examples of books where I have cleared permissions for the internal pictures on a wide variety of projects. Please contact me for a full list of subjects I have worked on.
(click on image to see the full covers)

Image Commissioning

If you require original images, I am experienced in commissioning photographers and illustrators.​

Picture research courses undertaken

Picture Research, The Publishing Training Centre. Pass with Distinction.